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Kit of 5 “lose weight” stones

Kit of 5 “lose weight” stones

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Do you want to reach your ideal weight ? Get this kit of 5 “lose weight” stones to support you in this process!

As you know, getting back into shape and feeling good about your body depends on many factors, including a diet adapted to your needs, regular physical exercise and even good sleep.

In addition to these good habits, the stones in this kit will help you reach your optimal weight by connecting you to your real needs. But also and above all, to remind you that you are magnificent, and that you deserve to feel worthy of love and appreciation at all times.

Stone of the root chakra, hematite will connect you to your body and its real physical needs. It will be perfect to help you determine the best diet for your specific constitution. This, while giving you strength and vitality for your daily jogging session or your morning sun salutation.

Carnelian , with its warm energy, will help you burn calories by stimulating metabolism and promoting appetite. In particular, it will awaken your taste for real and natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes. In addition, fundamentally optimistic, carnelian will help you move forward with enthusiasm and confidence towards your personal goals .

Kyanite is renowned as a stone for circulating energies. On a physical level, it supports blood flow, and therefore an optimal supply of nutrients to organs and muscles. It also promotes good transit. Also encouraging the flow of information, kyanite will also help you mentally understand what you really need to lose weight .

With its powerful energy, tiger's eye will boost your self-confidence . In his presence, you will feel capable of achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Furthermore, its positive action on the digestive system will ensure optimal assimilation of food .

Finally, black onyx will defuse all negative perceptions of yourself to replace them with true self-esteem . It will help you realize that your true value is not based on your appearance, and that you are fundamentally worthy of being loved and valued. At the same time, its energy will help you stay focused on your personal goals . It will also have a purifying and strengthening action throughout the body.

Use your stones to lose weight according to your specific needs! For example, you can keep them with you throughout the day to maintain energy conducive to weight loss, or integrate them into your daily sports session.

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine quality and respect . With the help of our expert gemologist, we choose authentic stones, extracted and worked in ethical conditions for humans and the environment.

Your tumbled stones don't look exactly like those presented in our store? This is normal, each stone is particular and therefore has a unique appearance. Their virtues remain the same!


  • Stones: Hematite, Carnelian, Kyanite, Tiger's Eye, Black Onyx
  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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