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Kit of 5 stones “Painful separation”

Kit of 5 stones “Painful separation”

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Call on the comforting powers of this kit of 5 “Painful Separation” stones if you are facing the loss of a loved one.

Whether it's a bereavement , a breakup or the end of a friendship , losing an important person in your life is one of the most difficult things there is. In these times, we need support more than ever.

For this kit of 5 “Painful Separation” stones , we have brought together the crystals best suited to support you in this ordeal.

Black onyx , firstly, will help you stay focused on your current physical and emotional needs , to support your healing. It will also help you regain your self-esteem if you are coming out of a breakup.

Mookaite , vibrating with the forces of life , will help you heal your emotional wounds and regain your balance following the loss of a loved one. Enveloping you in its warm energy, it will take care of your body and your mind .

Stone of circulation of energies , kyanite will encourage you to fully experience the difficult emotions generated by a separation. With its action on the throat chakra, it will encourage you to express these emotions to a trusted person (friend, therapist) or to write them in a diary.

The tiger's eye will act directly on the solar plexus chakra , center of the digestion of emotions and feelings , to help you welcome your sorrow or your anger. Let it bathe you in its bright and comforting energy, which will soon bring about a feeling of joy and peace.

Rhodonite is a healing stone . Its direct effect on the heart chakra will open you to the energies of regeneration, compassion and light that reside within you. In his presence, you will feel comforted, ready to consider a new chapter in your life.

To properly use your stones for a painful separation , carry them with you or apply them directly to your body. Their beneficial energies will relieve your pain and help you gradually heal.

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine quality and respect . With the help of our expert gemologist, we select authentic stones, extracted and polished in ethical conditions for humans and the environment.

Your tumbled stones don't look exactly like those presented in our store? This is normal, each stone is particular and therefore has a unique appearance. Their virtues remain the same!


  • Stones: Black Onyx, Mookaite, Kyanite, Tiger’s Eye, Rhodonite
  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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