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Kit of 5 “Restorative Sleep” stones

Kit of 5 “Restorative Sleep” stones

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Fall with delight into the arms of Morpheus thanks to this kit of 5 “Restorative Sleep” stones , composed of amethyst, rock crystal, labradorite, obsidian and lepidolite.

For this kit, we have carefully chosen the most popular stones for true relaxation and good sleep . Goodbye insomnia, restless night and morning fatigue!

Amethyst , first of all, is a stone with particularly relaxing energy . Its violet ray permeates the entire being to bring it back to a state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation. In addition, connected to the crown chakra and therefore to the higher planes, it is ideal for connecting with their protective and comforting presence. It also promotes sweet and soothing dreams.

With its energy of purity , rock crystal will watch over you during your nights , like a tender grandfather watches over his granddaughter. This powerful quartz will dispel negative thoughts and emotions, replacing them with a halo of light. He will invite the angels and protective spirits to your bedside, for a peaceful sleep enveloped in Love.

Labradorite , for its part, will deploy a protective shield all around you . You will feel completely safe, ready to plunge into deep sleep. In addition, the therapeutic vibration of labradorite will help soothe pain and tension sometimes responsible for insomnia. It is also an ideal ally for colorful and inspiring dreams, or for practicing lucid dreaming.

With obsidian , you will also feel protected, but to an even greater degree . Indeed, this black stone which is not afraid of shadows will effectively ward off any negative energy which could disrupt your night. It will also connect you to the maternal presence of the Earth, which will lull you into deep sleep.

Finally, for this kit, we couldn't do without lepidolite ! This stone with pretty purple tones is the crystal of sleep . We call on its gentle waves to fall asleep in peace and serenity, and to fully benefit from real sleep. If you have trouble sleeping or sleeping without interruption, talk to her first.

You can use this kit in different ways. For example, use all the stones at once by placing them in a bowl on your bedside table. You can also place one, two or three crystals under your pillow, to feel fully immersed in their energy.

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine respect and authenticity . With the help of our expert gemologist, we select real and qualitative stones, extracted and worked in ethical conditions for humans and the environment .

Your tumbled stones do not look exactly like those presented on the site? Nothing more normal ! Each stone is unique and therefore has a particular appearance. Its virtues do not change.


  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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