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Amethyst Eye Mask

Amethyst Eye Mask

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With this amethyst eye mask , access the space of peace within you, while taking care of your skin.

Its soothing and purifying properties will help you find relaxation as well as cultivate a radiant complexion.

Amethyst mask: your beauty and relaxation accessory

With a simple ritual, take care of yourself in multiple ways: delicately place this amethyst mask on your face.

This object, as beautiful as it is powerful, will do you good in several ways. First, its calming properties will soothe an agitated mind , and relieve stress and anxiety . Ideal for nourishing your inner peace on a daily basis.

In addition, amethyst is recognized in the world of lithotherapy for its anti-migraine properties . So apply this amethyst mask to your eyes to cure headaches, tension and other sinusitis that are ruining your life.

The magnificent purple quartz is also recognized for its purifying properties on all levels.

Your amethyst mask will therefore first work wonders on your skin, purifying impurities and clogged pores , and reducing certain skin problems such as acne or eczema. Its power, both relaxing and purifying, will also make it a good ally to fight against wrinkles , dark circles, and other signs of fatigue or stress.

The cleansing powers of amethyst don't stop there: it will also help you slow down an overactive mind and sort out your mind. At the end of your wellness session with your amethyst mask, only constructive and soothing thoughts will remain.

How to use the amethyst mask?

For your relaxation session, start by choosing a quiet room, in which you will not be disturbed. Then, in a lying position, simply place your mask on your face, at eye level.

Breathe deeply, and let the gentle amethyst diffuse its regenerating energy within you.

Repeat this ritual as often as you like, at any time of the day.

This amethyst eye mask is suitable for all skin types.


  • Made entirely by hand
  • Mask dimensions: 21cm x 9cm x 0.5cm
  • Box dimensions: 25cm x 12cm x 2.7cm
  • Box weight: 360g

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