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Cedar Sticks - Superior Quality

Cedar Sticks - Superior Quality

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Purify your interior and diffuse a sweet woody scent with this set of two cedar wood sticks to burn...

For thousands of years, cedar has been revered for its highly spiritual meaning. Its wood has always been used in fumigation to purify places, whether sacred or everyday . From temples to living spaces, cedar smoke is used to cleanse the energies of a place or person, and invite benevolent deities.

This particular wood vibrates with a protective energy . It is burned in particular when moving into a new home, not only to chase away bad vibrations but also to keep harmful entities at bay . Its protective power also works on a material level, since it is also a powerful insecticide and contributes to purer air.

In North American indigenous cultures, cedar is also used during sweat ceremonies . Its scent would indeed attract benevolent spirits and repel evil energies and entities.

To properly use this cedar wood to burn , first open a door or window in the space you are going to clean. Then, light one end of your cedar stick . Leave the stick lit for 20 seconds, then gently blow on the flame to extinguish it.

As you wave the stick, let the smoke cover the space or object, thinking about your intentions. Once finished, extinguish the cedar stick by crushing the lit side.

After use, store it in a dry place. Important: never leave your lit cedar stick unattended. Turn it off completely after each use.

The cedar and sage used to make our fumigation sticks are sustainably grown .

Using no fertilizers or pesticides, our supplier works to take only a few leaves from each plant, thus allowing it to live a long time and grow stronger over the years. The sage and cedar collected are therefore of superior quality , just like those used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years.


  • Weight: +/- 20 gr (weight per stick)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 3 cm (dimensions of a stick)
  • Set of two sticks


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