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White Sage Sticks & Rose Petals - Superior Quality

White Sage Sticks & Rose Petals - Superior Quality

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Purify the energies of your living space with this bundle of white sage and rose petals . Each set contains two premium sage and rose petal sticks.

White sage has been used for several centuries by certain indigenous populations of North America as a sacred plant . It is used as part of rituals to cleanse the energies of a person, a place, or to solicit favors from deities .

White sage helped, and still helps today, to keep harmful energies and other unwanted entities at bay. In addition to dissipating negative vibrations , its smoke keeps them away for a long time. It would also help neutralize negative energies present in a person's aura , as well as harmonize and strengthen the latter.

White sage also has physical benefits . An excellent insecticide , it would also be very effective against microbes and bad bacteria . Sage smoke is also believed to contribute to emotional well-being and inner harmony .

Sage smoke is also a good source of negative ions . Negative ions are electrically charged particles which, through their interaction with positive ions, harmonize the energies of a place.

Have you noticed the deep feeling of relaxation that comes over you when you are surrounded by nature? This is, among other things, due to the abundance of negative ions in natural spaces such as beaches or forests. Yes, by burning these sticks of white sage and rose petals , you invite the therapeutic energies of Mother Nature into your home...

In addition to the effects of sage, rose and statice petals also deploy their own beneficial energy. Indeed, in the colors of the seven chakras , they help balance these seven energy centers of the body. Rose petals, in particular, resonate with the heart chakra , the center of compassion and universal Love .

To properly use your stick of sage and rose petals , start by opening a door or window, to allow smoke and negative energies to leave the premises. Then, light the end of your stick with sage and rose petals . Leave it on for around twenty seconds, then gently blow on the flame to extinguish it.

Wave the stick while walking slowly in the space or around the person or object you wish to purify, while thinking about your intentions.

When you're finished, extinguish the sage stick by crushing its lit end. Never leave a burning sage stick unattended, and be sure to extinguish it completely after each use.

Store your sage in a dry place.

This premium white sage is ethically and sustainably grown. In fact, our supplier grows his sage on certified organic land, without using fertilizers or pesticides. Additionally, only a few leaves are taken from each plant, allowing it to live a long and healthy life.


  • Weight: +/- 20 gr (weight per stick)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 3 cm (dimensions of a stick)
  • Set of two sticks


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