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Rosemary Sticks - Premium Quality

Rosemary Sticks - Premium Quality

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Cultivate well-being on all levels by burning a stick of rosemary , a medicinal plant with many benefits. This set contains two high quality rosemary burning sticks.

Originally from the Mediterranean region but appreciated worldwide, rosemary is much more than a simple aromatic herb. Indeed, if it wonderfully enhances many dishes, it also contributes to our physical, mental, and even... energetic balance !

Thus in aromatherapy , it is used in fumigation or as an essential oil to promote radiant health . Its smoke is said to be particularly excellent for neutralizing and repelling microbes and other harmful bacteria. Anti-inflammatory , it also helps combat certain skin problems.

In addition, rosemary facilitates breathing thanks to the expectorant and purifying properties of the plant. When ingested, it would promote better digestion .

But that's not all ! The woody and refreshing smell of rosemary is also said to strengthen cognitive abilities , including memory and concentration. Soothing negative emotions such as fear or anger, rosemary fumigation contributes to a better overall mood. Anti-stress , it would also help you sleep better.

Energetically, rosemary smoke dispels bad vibrations from a person, place or object. Its high frequency and intense fragrance neutralize stagnant energies and restore a high vibrational rate, thus promoting harmony on all levels.

To properly use your rosemary stick , start by opening a window to allow smoke and unwanted energies to escape. Then light the end of the stick, and blow gently.

Walk quietly around the place, person or object you wish to purify, calmly waving the rosemary stick and thinking about your intentions.

Once your purification is complete, completely crush the rosemary stick in a suitable medium. Be sure to never leave a lit stick unattended, and to turn it off after each use. Store it in a dry place.

Our premium quality rosemary comes from organic crops , without fertilizers or pesticides. In addition, our supplier ensures that only a few leaves are taken from each plant during each collection. In doing so, it allows the latter to live a long time and strengthen over time.

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  • Weight: +/- 20 gr (weight per stick)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 3 cm (dimensions of a stick)
  • Set of two sticks


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