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Dragon's Blood Red Sage Sticks - Premium Quality

Dragon's Blood Red Sage Sticks - Premium Quality

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Invite the purifying and protective energies of this dragon's blood red sage into your living space through fumigation.

This set contains two high quality sage sticks . Dragon's blood red sage is actually white sage soaked in a resin called dragon's blood.

Used for millennia among the indigenous populations of North America , white sage is considered a sacred plant . It is used in ceremonies of purification and connection to the spirits of Nature , to cleanse the energies of a place or a person, or to solicit the favors of divinities.

Dragon blood , for its part, is a resin with many properties. Coming from the dragon tree, a palm tree native to Southeast Asia, its deep red and powerfully scented smoke vibrate with a highly protective energy. It is used to coat white sage and thus strengthen its powers.

By using this dragon's blood red sage , you deploy an energy in your home that is both cleansing and protective .

Its smoke will help fight and keep away harmful agents present in the air, as well as harmful microbes and bacteria.

Dragon's blood red sage will also help create a deeply relaxing atmosphere , relieving stress and helping you find your inner peace . You will feel enveloped and supported by the caring energies of Mother Nature within your home.

The smoke of dragon's blood red sage will also promote harmony on an energetic level , both in your home and for its inhabitants. Vibrating at high frequency, its thick and fragrant cloud will take with it all the vibrational pollution present in a room or in a person's aura.

To properly use your sage stick , start by opening a window to allow smoke and negative energies to escape. Then light the end of your stick and blow gently to extinguish the flame.

Calmly waving the stick, walk slowly around the room, person, or object to be purified, keeping your intentions in mind.

Once your purification is complete, crush the end of the sage stick in a suitable medium. Make sure it is completely turned off.

Never leave a lit sage stick unattended. Store your sage in a dry place.

Our dragon blood red sage is both an ethical and premium quality product.

Our supplier grows his sage on certified organic land, without using fertilizers or pesticides. Additionally, with each harvest, only a few leaves are collected to ensure a long and happy life for the plant. Thanks to this Earth-friendly process, we obtain high-quality sage , with an authentic scent and powerful virtues.


  • Weight: +/- 20 gr (weight per stick)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 3 cm (dimensions of a stick)
  • Set of two sticks


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