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Yerba Santa Sage Sticks - Premium Quality

Yerba Santa Sage Sticks - Premium Quality

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Invoke beneficial and protective energies in your home with this set of two high quality yerba santa sticks .

Considered a sacred plant in different cultures, from the indigenous traditions of North America to the Hispanic peoples, yerba santa , "holy herb", is used for many purposes.

Its delicately scented smoke is used to ward off evil , promote spiritual growth , attract love or even purify the energies of a place or a person.

Yerba Santa also has some physical properties . Expectorant, it would help, for example, to relieve respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis, and would soothe muscle pain and fever.

On a mental and emotional level, yerba santa calms stress and promotes clear and centered thinking . Its smoke generates a deeply relaxing atmosphere, which helps you connect with your intuition and trust the Universe ...

You can use yerba santa in fumigation to support all kinds of intentions. Request it, for example, to promote physical or emotional healing , the fulfillment of a wish , or to attract and cultivate love .

To properly use your yerba santa stick , first open a window to allow the smoke and negative energies to leave the area. Then, light the end of your stick and blow on the flame to extinguish it.

As you slowly walk around the room, or circle around the person or object, calmly wave the stick. At the same time, think about your specific intention, whether it is oriented toward purification or the manifestation of a desire .

Once your fumigation ritual is complete, extinguish the end of the stick by crushing it in a suitable medium. Make sure it is completely turned off.

Never leave a lit yerba santa stick unattended, and store your yerba santa in a dry place.

This product is manufactured with the greatest respect for the plant and the Earth.

The supplier we work with grows his yerba santa without fertilizers or pesticides, on certified organic land. In addition, each harvest, only a few leaves are taken from the plant, which allows it to live a long and healthy life.

The leaves collected are therefore of superior quality: the fragrance and properties of yerba santa are completely preserved.

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  • Weight: +/- 20 gr (weight per stick)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 3 cm (dimensions of a stick)
  • Set of two sticks


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