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Black Obsidian Pendulum

Black Obsidian Pendulum

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Move forward in life with confidence thanks to this black obsidian pendulum .

The pendulum is a fabulous support for developing your intuition and connecting to your extra-sensory perceptions . It helps us to make the most accurate decisions and to navigate the sometimes difficult and confusing paths of existence with complete serenity.

Its operating principle is both simple and powerful: through a pendulum or circular movement, it transmits the intuitive knowledge held by our body. The wise and right energy of our intuition is expressed through this movement, thus answering our questions about the various aspects of our life.

Black obsidian , for its part, is a stone of purification and protection . While cleaning the energies of places and people, it keeps negative waves at bay, thus protecting its owner.

It is also a root chakra stone, which promotes grounding and physical , mental and energetic tone.

This black obsidian pendulum will show you the best path to follow while protecting you against bad energies . He will accompany you on the path of your incarnation by helping you to make fair decisions, in accordance with your well-being and your fulfillment here below, on Earth.

Black obsidian is also a stone of shadows , which invites us to accept the dark and hidden aspects of existence, both outside and inside ourselves.

Your black obsidian pendulum will therefore assist you very well in introspection work . It will help you face your own limitations, difficult emotions and insecurities, gently nudging you to confront your darkest fears. In doing so, you will develop your strength , your self-confidence , and your sense of inner security .

Let yourself be inspired by the invigorating and pragmatic energy of this black obsidian pendulum ...


  • Stone: Black Obsidian
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 25g
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (chain), 4 cm (pendulum)

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