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Sodalite Pendulum

Sodalite Pendulum

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Develop a keen perception of life with this superb sodalite pendulum ...

If it can be worn as jewelry, or used as a decorative element, the pendulum is above all a healing and divination tool . With its circular or pendulum movement, it gives us some answers to our questions , on all the subjects that are important to us.

We can therefore trust him for questions concerning our health , our relationships or even our professional activity . In all cases, it will move to relay the intuitive wisdom that inhabits our body.

Sodalite is a stone of truth and expression .

Acting on the third eye chakra , it promotes clarity of mind and strengthens intellectual faculties such as logic. Its action on this energy center also makes it a very good support for developing one's intuition and extra-sensory faculties . It therefore creates a bridge between rational mind and intuitive wisdom , which allows us to discern right from wrong in all situations.

Also corresponding to the throat chakra , sodalite also encourages self-expression . It helps to fluidify energies to put thoughts and emotions into words, images, music or movement, and to develop authentic verbal and artistic communication .

Call on this sodalite pendulum to help you discern the truth in all circumstances . Awakening your psychic perceptions , it will help you see what you need to see, beyond appearances. It will generally be ideal for obtaining answers about a situation about which you do not know all the elements.

Also use your sodalite pendulum to make decisions in accordance with your true nature . He will encourage you to cultivate your unique talents and enrich your knowledge , for example by advising you to take photography training or an online writing course.

This sodalite pendulum will also be very suitable for energy work focused on the throat chakra . It will purify this energy center to allow better circulation of vital energy throughout the being.


  • Stone: Sodalite
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 15g
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (chain), 4 cm (pendulum)

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