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Rose Quartz Pendulum

Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Head on the path of Love with this rose quartz pendulum .

The pendulum is a magnificent divination support, as simple as it is powerful. Indeed, it relays the instinctive wisdom that inhabits our entire being. Depending on its movement, circular or pendulum, we can interpret an answer to a particular question.

It is possible to consult the pendulum for guidance in all areas of our lives, whether it is our health, our relationships or our career. The most important thing is to trust your body and your feelings.

Rose quartz is a crystal from the higher heart chakra. With its pale pink, it resonates with the energies of compassion and light of Divine Love. It is ideal for developing unconditional self-love .

Rose quartz indeed invites us to welcome ourselves with kindness in all circumstances. Its calming vibration also provides a feeling of comfort in difficult times.

Use this rose quartz pendulum to cultivate your self-esteem. It will help you identify self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and patterns, and encourage you to integrate a more gentle and loving view of yourself.

This rose quartz pendulum will also be an excellent guide in the relational field. He will guide you towards people who will know how to accept you and love you as you are, and will also advise you on how to harmonize and nourish your current relationships.

If you are single and looking for love, let him guide you to a partner who will suit you .

Rose quartz is connected to the higher manifestations of Love. So call on this rose quartz pendulum to connect you to a loving presence that will envelop you and reassure you when you feel alone, for example that of your angels, your higher Self or the Universe.

Finally, use this rose quartz pendulum for energy or healing work focused on the heart chakra.


  • Stone: Rose Quartz
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 25g
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (chain), 4 cm (pendulum)

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