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Rock Crystal Merkabah Pendulum

Rock Crystal Merkabah Pendulum

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Invoke the beneficial energies of higher planes with this superb rock crystal merkabah pendulum .

A favored tool of healers, clairvoyants and dowsers, the pendulum can have many uses, from searching for lost objects to energy healing . It is also used to obtain answers to questions in all areas of daily life.

This pendulum model has something more... It indeed contains the powerful merkabah , a symbol of sacred geometry with many meanings and virtues. In the Judaic tradition, the merkabah is a representation of the divine chariot , that is to say the subtle dimensions of being capable of allowing us to access higher planes.

An energy that resonates perfectly with that of rock crystal , the old sage of the world of crystals. Itself connected to the different aspects of existence, notably the higher planes , it allows one to invoke their energies to promote healing and harmony on all planes.

Purifying and luminous , rock crystal helps to calm the chaos of thoughts to give way to total clarity of mind and absolute confidence in the Divine or the Universe . It assists its owner particularly well in invoking the presence of guardian angels or guides .

Call on these subtle and infinitely benevolent energies to guide you in life, with this rock crystal merkabah pendulum . It will help you take a calm and clear look at your circumstances, and make decisions aligned with your highest potential.

As part of energy work, this rock crystal merkabah pendulum will be perfect for harmonizing the bodies of light and purifying all of the chakras . It will also cleanse the subtle bodies of their possible pollution and energetic parasites.


  • Stone: Rock Crystal
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 17g
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (chain), 7 cm (pendulum)

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