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Merkabah Pendulum in Black Obsidian

Merkabah Pendulum in Black Obsidian

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Call on this black obsidian merkabah pendulum to move with confidence on your life path .

The pendulum is a renowned tool among therapists, clairvoyants and dowsers for conducting research , administering energy treatments or even finding a person or an object . It can also be consulted to obtain answers to specific questions, in any area.

By using this specific pendulum , you will also benefit from the energies of the merkabah , a powerful symbol of sacred geometry. Representing the divine chariot and connection to the higher planes , the merkabah has many powers. Promoting physical, emotional and vibrational harmony , it also helps to connect with the invisible and sacred dimensions of life.

Black obsidian , for its part, is a crystal of protection and purification . Its dark body covered with white reflections repels bad vibrations . At the same time, it cleanses the mind and subtle bodies of its holder to make way for peace and a deep sense of grounding .

In connection with the dark and hidden aspects of existence , black obsidian allows its owner to embrace the shadows to transmute them into light. Connected to the root chakra , it invites us to find concrete and reasoned solutions to the interior and exterior problems that we may encounter.

Use this stunning black obsidian merkabah pendulum to accompany you through life's intense experiences. He will advise you on how to best navigate a problematic situation , find solutions to your problems and face your fears with courage.

Combining the pragmatism of black obsidian and the mystical wisdom of merkabah , this pendulum will help you keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars ; to bring your wildest dreams down to earth, by taking concrete action to give them form in matter.

In energy work, use this black obsidian merkabah pendulum to open and purify the root chakra , cleanse the subtle bodies and harmonize the masculine (action, creation) and feminine (meditation, contemplation) polarities .


  • Stone: Black Obsidian
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 15g
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (chain), 7 cm (pendulum)

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