“Tenderness of the Heart” tumbled stone in Pink Chalcedony

“Tenderness of the Heart” tumbled stone in Pink Chalcedony

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Envelop your entire daily life with the gentle and loving energy of pink chalcedony , and watch your relationships (with the world, with others and with yourself) flourish.

Nothing like the tender energy of pink chalcedony to soothe a distressed heart and mind . Its velvety waves are diffused among its owner to calm emotional and psychological torments .

So call on pink chalcedony to calm stress, worry and fear in all its forms. A pink chalcedony tumbled stone will be your comfort stone, always on hand to reassure you in all situations .

In fact, with this gentle crystal, you will learn to treat yourself with more kindness. Stone of the center of the heart, pink chalcedony indeed promotes compassion . It invites us to fully accept the emotions, thoughts and feelings that pass through us , and not to judge ourselves in the face of them.

Pink Chalcedony will enjoin you to consider yourself with love at all times. like a parent would do for their child. In addition to comforting you, it will make you realize that you are worthy of love. It will remind you that despite your flaws and insecurities, you deserve to feel loved and appreciated just as you are.

Purifying and opening the heart chakra , pink chalcedony will make you grow in empathy and compassion for others . With your loved ones as well as with strangers you meet in the street, it will inspire you to show tenderness and warmth.

Keep a pink chalcedony tumbled stone with you when you are in the company of your partner, family or friends. You will cultivate tender relationships, based on total acceptance of others and of yourself .

Each stone is unique, so it is normal that the stone you receive has some variations in its inclusions, its color or its size, than that of the photo. Don't worry, though, his powers remain the same.


  • Stone: Pink Chalcedony
  • Weight: about 25-30g
  • Dimensions: approximately 3-4cm
  • Sold individually

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