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“Felicity and Inventiveness” tumbled stone in Orange Calcite

“Felicity and Inventiveness” tumbled stone in Orange Calcite

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Need a little energy boost? So, equip yourself with a small but powerful orange calcite tumbled stone !

Solar orange calcite , presenting an intense yellow to bright orange hue, is among the stones of pleasure and creative forces . It acts on the centers of life energy to connect us to the joy of living in this body, here below.

On an emotional level, orange calcite will be particularly beneficial in alleviating depression and any feelings of sadness . Its orange waves, reminiscent of the rising sun, will make you glimpse a new day and new perspectives . With this stone, the glow will never be far away, even during dark times.

Orange calcite will help you rediscover your joy of living and increase pleasure , whether physical, emotional or spiritual. So, for example, you can use an orange calcite tumbled stone to enhance the delicious taste of your favorite dish, increase sexual pleasure or derive deep contentment from your favorite activity.

In addition, acting in particular on the sacral chakra , orange calcite is ideal for stimulating creativity .

In the presence of an orange calcite tumbled stone , you will increase your inventiveness at work or in an artistic field. The flow of creative forces will abound throughout your being , and will express itself in a luminous explosion of ideas. This, whether it involves finding new solutions to a problem or developing a revolutionary concept!

Also call on the vitality of orange calcite to stimulate your sex life . Its action on the sacral chakra , center of the libido, will help to awaken desire , while treating sexual problems . Orange calcite will also help you overcome preconceived ideas and feelings of shame about sex .

Is your tumbled stone not perfectly identical to the stone presented in the store? Don't worry: each stone is unique and therefore has a distinct appearance which gives it its own shape, colors and sometimes even dimensions and weight. But this does not affect his virtues and powers!


  • Stone: Orange Calcite
  • Weight: approximately 20g
  • Dimensions: approximately 2.5 x 3 cm
  • Sold individually.

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