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“Illumination” tumbled stone in Girasol

“Illumination” tumbled stone in Girasol

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Facing uncertainty? Let the light energies of girasol enlighten you where doubt hovers.

With its white to pinkish translucent matrix, girasol is an excellent stone of inner clarity . It will help you to streamline your thoughts and see things objectively , which will encourage you to speak and act with reason.

Do you have to make an important decision and are not sure of the consequences? The crystal-clear vibration of the girasol will direct you on the right path. Like a flash of genius, you will see which is the best choice to make.

Increasing concentration and the ability to analyze , girasol will accompany you at work to help you efficiently accomplish your various tasks. You can also equip yourself with a girasol tumbled stone to support you during your studies or any activity requiring your focus.

Furthermore, both purifying and soothing, girasol is also excellent for not letting yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions . Faced with strong feelings of anger or fear, you can therefore use a girasol tumbled stone to regain your serenity . Calming the fire of emotions , the crystal will invite you to keep your cool and seek concrete solutions to what is tormenting you.

Likewise, a girasol tumbled stone will promote clear and fluid communication with others. In the presence of the little quartz, it will be easier for you to express your feelings to those close to you. This will ultimately contribute to more fulfilling relationships!

Generally speaking, girasol will open your perception to make you see the truth, as it is. Stimulating the crown chakra in particular, it will connect you to higher guidance to perceive things beyond objective appearances.

So use it to consult your guides or guardian angels if you have questions about a subject or a particular area of ​​your life. The diaphanous mineral will relay the energy of Light coming from the subtle worlds to help you see clearly.

Is your tumbled stone not identical to the one presented in store? This is normal: each stone is unique and therefore has its own shape, shade of color(s) and dimensions.


  • Pierre: Girasol
  • Weight: approximately 20g
  • Dimensions: approximately 3 x 2.5 cm
  • Sold individually.

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