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Rolled stone "Inner Guidance" in Hypersthene

Rolled stone "Inner Guidance" in Hypersthene

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If you are faced with an important choice or find yourself undecided about a situation, a hypersthene tumbled stone could well be useful to you.

With its metallic reflection, hypersthene evokes the clarity of a lively and determined mind. The energy of this stone indeed promotes fair decision-making and helps to find effective solutions to the problems encountered.

Whatever your difficulty, the vibration of hypersthene will stimulate both your creativity and your logic to overcome it. At the same time, the silver crystal will illuminate your third eye to make you see the hidden aspects of your problem.

In other words, it will encourage you to tap into your own inner, intuitive wisdom , beyond the rational. This effect on intuition and extrasensory perceptions, notably clairvoyance , will prove practical in guiding you wisely in your life.

Thus, at work as in your personal decisions, you will feel guided by the energy of hypersthene . The options most aligned with your well-being and fulfillment will stand out like a silver reflection in the fog.

In short, hypersthene will connect you to your “inner compass” to make the decisions most in line with your objectives.

If you have questions about life, existence in the broad sense, meditating with hypersthene will help you channel answers to your questions. Because it acts in particular on the crown chakra , it will be easier for you to access the mysteries of the Universe.

Soothing, hypersthene will also help you find true relaxation , for example after a particularly active day. In the evening, when you come home from work, relax in the presence of a hypersthene tumbled stone . Placed near your head, its silvery waves will relax your body and your mind .

Is your tumbled stone not identical to the one presented on our online store? This is completely normal ! Each stone is unique, and therefore has its own appearance thanks to its shape, size, weight, color and natural inclusions. Its powers and properties, however, remain the same.


  • Pierre: Hypersthene
  • Weight: approximately 20g
  • Dimensions: around 3.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Sold individually

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