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“Calm and Kindness” tumbled stone in Kambaba Jasper

“Calm and Kindness” tumbled stone in Kambaba Jasper

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Immerse yourself in the loving energies of kambaba jasper , a stone of peace and tranquility.

With its intense black and green circular patterns, kambaba jasper relaxes the body and mind , releasing tensions deep within the being. In its presence, we reconnect with the calm within ourselves, a sacred space unaffected by the movements of existence.

Restoring inner harmony, kambaba jasper promotes both mental relaxation and free-flowing thoughts . So equip yourself with a kambaba jasper tumbled stone if you are experiencing stress or confusion in the face of a busy schedule. It will help you get your priorities in order , then accomplish each task with calm and presence.

Amplifying concentration while calming the mind , kambaba jasper will be just as useful at work as in meditation. So, after a productive day at the office, it will immerse you in a deep and invigorating meditation where you can connect to your inner peace .

You can also surround yourself with kambaba jasper to soothe difficult emotions , including irrational fears and anger. Its round and regular designs will have a soothing effect on an emotional body in distress . They will promote both the evacuation of these difficult emotions and bring the whole being back to its natural equanimity.

Know that kambaba jasper is particularly effective in healing wounds of abandonment and rejection that may have been caused by past relationships. So keep a kambaba jasper tumbled stone , for example, to recover from heartbreak .

Acting on the heart chakra , kambaba jasper also enjoins its user to love more fully, more openly .

It thus encourages self-love as much as that of others, and helps to receive external love. With your kambaba jasper tumbled stone , you will be more inclined to show your affection to those you love. You will also feel fully justified in receiving tenderness and appreciation from your loved ones.

Does your tumbled stone not look exactly like the one we show you in store? No worries ! Each stone is unique, by its inclusions, its color or its size, than that of the photo and therefore has its own appearance.


  • Stone: Kambaba Jasper
  • Weight: approximately 20g
  • Dimensions: more or less 3 x 3 cm
  • Sold individually.

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