“Subtle understanding” tumbled stone in White Magnesite

“Subtle understanding” tumbled stone in White Magnesite

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To dispel mental fog and broaden your perception, integrate a white magnesite tumbled stone into your daily life.

With its pearly white and its domed shape reminiscent of a cumulus cloud, white magnesite exudes tranquility . Dispersing the clouds of chaotic thoughts that sometimes obscure the mind, it promotes a clear and calm mind.

You can use a white magnetite tumbled stone to promote a lively and alert mind , but also to strengthen your concentration . It is ideal as a vibrational support for an activity that requires focus and consistency. For example, invite her into your professional space, where she will help you maintain your attention during complex tasks.

On an emotional level, white magnesite will emit a round and soft frequency which will contribute to deep serenity . Keep it with you in busy places and contexts to stay centered despite the surrounding noise.

The clear vibration of magnesite will also improve your ability to understand . With it, it will be easier for you to understand the ins and outs of a recurring situation that frustrates you, for example.

The milky mineral will also be of great assistance in helping you cultivate an objective point of view about yourself . You will thus be encouraged to develop an accurate perception of your strengths , but also of your flaws and insecurities, to better navigate with them subsequently.

Finally, acting on the third eye chakra and the crown chakra , white magnesite will stimulate your extrasensory perceptions and your intuition . In doing so, it will help you see and understand things in depth , beyond appearances.

Each stone is unique, so it is normal that you receive a slightly different stone, in terms of its inclusions, its color or its size, than that of the photo. Don't worry, though, his powers remain the same.


  • Stone: White Magnesite
  • Weight: about 25-45g
  • Dimensions: around 3-4cm
  • Sold individually

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