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“Purification” tumbled stone in Snowflake Obsidian

“Purification” tumbled stone in Snowflake Obsidian

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Integrate snowflake obsidian into your daily life to regularly purify the energies in your life.

Snowflake obsidian , formed as a result of volcanic eruptions, is intimately linked to purification . Born from the saving fire of volcanoes, which constantly renews and reshapes the landscape, it energetically cleanses everything nearby.

Thus, like the magma emerging from the depths of the Earth, this stone will promote the evacuation of heavy and stagnant emotions .

In his presence, it will be easier for you to allow yourself to welcome your burning emotions . To let them pass through you to promote real relief and inner transformation. This could be, for example, by putting your thoughts down on paper, or by dancing to a piece of furious rock!

Then, once the inflammation has passed, the “emotional magma” will cool to give way to calm and contemplation . Like a snowy expanse, your interior landscape will regain its natural serenity .

You can also use a snowflake obsidian tumbled stone to immediately calm the inner fire caused by stress and anxiety .

On a mental level, likewise, you will benefit from a mind clear as the ice of mountain peaks. Snowflake obsidian will indeed promote a good balance between your feelings and emotions on the one hand, and your rational mind on the other .

The purifying effect of snowflake obsidian will also apply energetically. The mineral will in fact cleanse your aura and your vibratory bodies of their pollution and disturbances .

In short, with this pretty black stone with white speckles, you will be able to cultivate lasting harmony between body, mind and soul .

This obsidian combines the burning vibrations of volcanoes with the calming energy of snowflakes. Likewise, you will learn to find the balance between your difficult feelings and your inner peace , immaculate like a coat of snow.

Your tumbled stone is not exactly identical to the one presented in our store? It's normal ! Each stone is unique and has its distinctive features and colors. The virtues, for their part, do not change!


  • Stone: Snowflake Obsidian
  • Weight: about 30-40g
  • Dimensions: around 3-4cm
  • Sold individually

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