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Hawk's Eye "Right Perception" Rolled Stone

Hawk's Eye "Right Perception" Rolled Stone

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Take a step back and sharpen your perception with a hawk's eye tumbled stone .

Also called blue tiger's eye, hawk's eye is fantastic for changing the way we see things . Whatever your circumstances, it will invite you to take to the skies like a bird of prey and, in doing so, to change your point of view.

So, if you find yourself in a complex or seemingly stagnant situation for example, it will make you see the circumstances from another angle. By changing your outlook in this way, you will be better able to also change your approach to the problem and find effective solutions .

Compassionate and comforting thanks to its bluish radiance, the hawk's eye at the same time encourages kindness towards oneself . It is not easy to change your outlook on things, so patience and compassion for yourself are essential for lasting change to take place.

Perceptive and sharp like the gaze of a bird of prey while hunting, hawk's eye also strengthens focus and clarity of mind . So don't hesitate to equip yourself with a hawk's eye tumbled stone in any situation where your concentration is required.

But the keen vision of the hawk's eye doesn't stop there! Acting in particular on the third eye chakra , this pretty crystal will stimulate your intuition and your extrasensory perceptions . A hawk's eye tumbled stone by your side, you will be more inclined to let yourself be guided by your intuitive wisdom, to see beyond appearances.

Generally speaking, hawk's eye supports the unfolding of consciousness . Whether through traditional and academic learning, or through spiritual experience, it facilitates the integration of information through the conscious mind .

Is your tumbled stone not identical to the stone presented in the store? This is normal: each stone is particular and therefore has a unique appearance.


  • Stone: Hawk Eye
  • Weight: approximately 20g
  • Dimensions: approximately 3 x 2 cm
  • Sold individually.

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