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“Creative Power” tumbled stone in Iron Eye

“Creative Power” tumbled stone in Iron Eye

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If you are passionate about lithotherapy, but with a minimalist spirit, then iron eye is the stone for you!

With its ocher to bronze appearance, this unique crystal combines the powers of three stones in one: hematite, red jasper and tiger's eye.

Its energy strengthens the anchor and helps its user to tap into their own creative forces .

Thus, the hematite contained in the iron eye helps to give structure to ideas and inspirations , while maintaining a clear mind . Connected to material reality and with your feet on the Earth, you will feel confident and capable of accomplishing whatever your heart desires.

Red jasper has a similar effect to hematite, with the added ability to increase physical and mental vitality . You can therefore also equip yourself with an iron eye tumbled stone to develop your strength and endurance, while keeping an alert mind.

Stimulating creative energies , the red jasper of the iron eye will also promote the flow of ideas. Perfect for showing inventiveness at work or in an artistic activity!

Finally, the tiger's eye which makes up the iron eye will give you intuition and will. A stone rolled into an iron eye at your side, you will therefore move towards your goals with constancy and increased perception.

Equip yourself with an iron eye tumbled stone for its action on the lower chakras, namely the root chakra , the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra . Activated by the shimmering stone, these energy centers will help you develop your creativity , your self-confidence and your propensity for concrete action .

Do you notice any differences between your rolled stone and the one we present to you in store? Don't worry, this is completely normal: each stone is unique and therefore has its own shape, colors and sometimes even a slight difference in weight and size.


  • Stone: Iron Eye
  • Weight: approximately 20 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 3 x 2 cm
  • Sold individually.

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