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“Self Love” tumbled stone in Strawberry Quartz

“Self Love” tumbled stone in Strawberry Quartz

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Infuse pure loving energy into your life with this lovely Strawberry Quartz Tumbled Stone .

With its deep pink to pale red hue, strawberry quartz is a delight for the eyes and the soul. Its tender energy resonates with the heart center , space of unconditional love and compassion .

Equip yourself with strawberry quartz to develop self-love . It will teach you to cultivate total kindness towards yourself , with your faults and your insecurities.

Loving and open, strawberry quartz will welcome you without judgment, with your most difficult emotions and feelings . It will also invite you to do the same. Whatever your torments, they are not your enemies, but simple messengers, carrying valuable information about yourself.

Your Strawberry Quartz Tumbled Stone will create a bubble of protective energy to help you release your anger or sadness. Enveloping these intense emotions, it will gently channel them through your heart and your being, promoting lasting well-being.

Then, in his presence, you will be led to question the messages of your emotions ...

What has hurt you in the past? What is bothering you in your life today? What do you need to feel reassured, nourished, happy, here and now?

Stone of the heart chakra , center of love, strawberry quartz will also encourage the expression of tenderness in your relationships. It will also strengthen empathy , allowing you to nurture strong and deep bonds with those close to you.

Vibrating with an energy of joy, strawberry quartz promotes feelings of contentment and bliss . With your strawberry quartz tumbled stone , easy to take with you everywhere, let yourself live and express your natural joy. This, even in the face of difficulties!

Is your tumbled stone not identical to the one presented in store? Nothing could be more normal: each stone is unique, and therefore has its particularities. You may notice differences in its shape, weight and color nuances.


  • Stone: Strawberry Quartz
  • Weight: approx. 14g
  • Dimensions: approximately 1 x 2 cm
  • Sold individually.

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