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Massage roller - Obsidian

Massage roller - Obsidian

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Thanks to this obsidian massage roller , reduce the signs of aging of the skin and boost its tone.

For several centuries, the lithotherapy stone roller has been used to promote a radiant complexion and combat wrinkles . Combining the virtues of massage with the energy of crystals, it constitutes an effective and unique anti-aging treatment.

The massage roller, a powerful anti-wrinkle face

The lithotherapy stone roller first appeared in ancient China. He then helps elite women to cultivate and magnify their natural beauty. If it is so appreciated and has survived the test of time, it is because of its multiple benefits on the skin.

Promoting the relaxation of facial muscles , it reduces the signs of skin aging by maintaining skin that is both relaxed and firm .

Massage yourself daily with this obsidian roller to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It will be as effective on expression lines such as crow's feet, as well as on wrinkles linked to sagging skin. With it, your skin maintains its firmness and elasticity for a long time.

The smoothing effect of the massage roller also applies to dark circles . Use it around the eyes to help reduce swelling.

Your obsidian massage roller also stimulates blood circulation . This catalyzes cellular regeneration and the elimination of toxins, resulting in fewer imperfections and a radiant complexion. An effect amplified by the energy of obsidian, a stone corresponding vibrationally to the circulatory system.

Although more dedicated to the face, a massage roller can be used to relax the entire body . After a day full of emotions, enjoy a delicious neck or leg massage. You will be able to say “Goodbye” to your tensions in just a few minutes!

Furthermore, obsidian is a stone of vitality , confidence and protection . A regular massage with this roller will gradually give you a feeling of inner security . It will also dissipate negative energies that may be present in your subtle bodies.

Our massage roller has a straight handle, for an ergonomic grip. It has two rollers, for application on larger surfaces, as well as on more precise areas. The stone is also cut and polished by hand, to preserve all its properties. Finally, each roller is engraved with the initials of Karma Yoga Shop, for an original object.

This obsidian massage roller is suitable for all skin types.

How to use your obsidian massage roller?

Here are the few steps to make the most of the virtues of your obsidian massage roller.

First apply your favorite anti-wrinkle serum or moisturizer , or a natural gel such as aloe vera . The roller will promote the penetration of the product into the dermis, improving its hydration.

Then, roll the large stone of your obsidian roller over your entire face . Execute the movement from the inside to the outside.

Then, with the small stone of the roller, make the same movement under the eyes and around the mouth . Use firm pressure but don't force it.

Finish your beauty session by passing the massage roller over your entire neck .

For toned and revitalized skin, opt for this powerful obsidian massage roller !


  • Stone: Obsidian
  • Dimensions: 145x55mm

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