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Ceramic statue "Monk of Inner Peace"

Ceramic statue "Monk of Inner Peace"

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Need to refocus and regain your serenity ? Invite this ceramic “Monk of Inner Peace” statue into your living space.

Observe the little monk for a moment. Draped in a sky blue toga, the color of peace of mind, his hands rest on his knees, as a sign of total letting go . His face expresses calm , confidence in the face of existence and its hazards . Deep in the ocean, even the strongest waves have no effect. This is his message.

This little character radiates a calming energy. Its mere presence will inspire you to relax, too, into the rhythm of life, and to find your center. It will be there to remind you that even in trying or unstable moments, there exists within you a space of total peace , imperturbable, like the bottom of the oceans.

So light a stick of incense and place it near the little monk. While seated and comfortable, place your hands on your knees and simply focus your attention on your breathing.

Then, imagine yourself diving into yourself, and reaching a perfectly calm place. It can be a room or natural space that calms you. For the remainder of your meditation, rest in this space, still observing your breath. Peace is within you in all circumstances ...


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 10g
  • Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 3 cm


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