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Owl Suspension "Fine Perception"

Owl Suspension "Fine Perception"

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Hang this adorable owl-shaped decoration in your living space, and benefit from the wisdom energies of the nocturnal bird .

Like any hunter, the owl has a sense close to a superpower: its sight. Capable of spotting prey in the heart of darkness, or kilometers above the ground, the bird benefits from a particularly sharp eye. No wonder, then, that it symbolizes wisdom and right vision .

By inviting the owl into your home with this pretty hanging decoration, you create the vibrational conditions conducive to a fine perception of things . With it, you will see life with clarity and beyond appearances , calling on not only your reasoning , but also your intuition .

In addition, a symbol of wisdom , the owl will be particularly conducive to reflection , meditation and study . For example, hang this pretty decoration in your office window or in your meditation space. Its energies will support learning in all its forms, academic and spiritual .

But the owl also represents mystery ... A ghost flying into the darkness, it does not fear the shadows of existence. Likewise, it will invite you to accept the secret and sacred dimension of life which, deep down, gives it all its magic.

Finally, let the owl inspire rebirth and renewal. Associated with death in certain cultures, the nocturnal bird also represents reincarnation . By integrating it into your daily life, you will remember the cyclical nature of existence, forever made up of endings and beginnings. It will thus accompany you at each new start in your own life.


  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: approximately 150 g
  • Dimensions: 30 cm in diameter

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