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Butterfly Suspension "Lightness and Transformation"

Butterfly Suspension "Lightness and Transformation"

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Invite lightness and change with this superb butterfly-shaped hanging decoration .

In many spiritual traditions, the butterfly is above all a symbol of delicacy and weightlessness . Skilfully flying from flower to flower, letting itself be carried by the breeze, the butterfly spreads a colorful joie de vivre around it. So invite its energy into your life to promote contentment and optimism .

In the form of this adorable hanging decoration , its mere presence will help you get through the grayest days and see a happier horizon. Placed in the entrance, this pretty decoration will invite positive energies into your home and bathe your loved ones in its joyful vibration.

The butterfly will also help you gain perspective on a situation or event. With it, you will be better able to change your point of view on things and approach each obstacle or disappointment with positivity . In addition, by changing your perspective in this way, you will be able to see new and effective strategies to overcome your difficulties.

But the symbolism of the butterfly doesn't stop there! Passing through the caterpillar and chrysalis stages before taking its final form, it also represents change, transformation . So let its energy inspire newness in any area of ​​your life, whether it's your work, your relationships, or even your health.

This butterfly hanging decoration will invite the energies of rebirth and renewal . Ideal if you have just moved, it will decorate your new home and help you start a brand new life!


  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: approximately 150 g
  • Dimensions: 30 cm in diameter

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