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Collection: Zen decor

Create a relaxing and warm atmosphere in your interior with our “ Zen Deco ” collection.

Stickers , wall hangings , salt lamps and sun catchers ... You will undoubtedly find the decorative object that suits you!

Zen decoration: feng shui comes to your home

Feng-shui is this discipline derived from Chinese philosophy which invites us to make our interior decoration a true source of vitality. In feng shui, in fact, our well-being is based in part on the good circulation of energies in our home.

To guarantee this good circulation, it is essential to arrange our furniture well, but also to choose a decor that inspires us . After all, the inside is a reflection of the outside, and vice versa: the more your environment suits you, the better you will feel!

In this collection, find decorative objects designed to create a harmonious and soothing atmosphere , and make your living space a true haven of peace.

With our salt lamps , bathe your interior in an orange light conducive to relaxation. Their warm shades will help you find serenity after a long day, transforming your living space into a cozy cocoon.

These high-quality salt luminaries will also take care of you in many ways. For example, for good sleep, you can place a salt lamp on your bedside table in your bedroom.

To cultivate joy and confidence, opt for one of our adorable stickers . Each sticker is printed with a positive thought , which will help you keep smiling in all circumstances. Their joyful colors will also remind you that the Universe is always at your side!

Our suncatchers and other crystal objects will illuminate your interiors with luminous energy. Their thousands of sparkles will infuse any room with a Zen atmosphere , inviting meditation and cocooning.

In this collection, also find our superb tapestries. Each wall hanging has its own particular nuances and patterns, as well as a unique vibration. For a wall decoration in your image, in every room of the house.

Benefits of a Zen decor for your living room

Looking for Zen decorating ideas that will allow you to create an atmosphere that is both original and beneficial? This collection is made for you!

In addition to giving your living space a unique bohemian style, our decorative objects will do you good in different ways.

For example, the soft lights of our salt lamps will be perfect for relaxing your body and mind in the evening. With their halo barely stronger than that of a candle, they will envelop you in a deeply relaxing energy. Additionally, their negative ions will restore vibrational harmony in your home. Much more than a simple light fixture, a real healing tool!

Our stickers will not only enrich your interior decoration either. Their positive thoughts will radiate high energy, inviting you to focus on the beauty in your life . They will be perfect in a child's bedroom, to help your little one develop a positive state of mind from an early age.

Sun catchers will do you good by acting positively on the energies of the place . Their K9 crystal pieces will reflect the sun's rays and project them in all directions like so many luminous and colorful waves.

Finally, our wall tapestries emit a specific vibration , which varies depending on their subject. For example, a tapestry representing an elephant will be ideal for generating wisdom energy. Or, a hanging depicting a dream catcher will be conducive to good nights. It's up to you to choose the one that resonates the most in your heart.

So, ready to adopt the zen attitude ? Quickly discover our “Zen Decor” collection!

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