Natural stone earrings

Collection: Natural stone earrings

Bathe in beneficial energy with our natural stone earrings .

Moonstone, amethyst, labradorite or topaz, our sets are made up of the most powerful semi-precious stones in the world of lithotherapy. Discover all their benefits on the body, mind and soul...

Virtues of lithotherapy stone earrings

Each piece of jewelry is a small talisman, carrying within it a unique and beneficial vibration. To choose your earrings carefully, it is useful to know the particular "character" of the stone that composes them.

So, moonstone earrings , for example, will help you develop your intuition . The moonstone is in fact connected to the crown chakra, the center of the connection to the divine. This mineral is also associated with femininity and the inner world, that of emotions and imagination.

Aquamarine or turquoise will be perfect for overcoming inner blockages and cultivating serenity. Associated with the throat chakra , they help to overcome shyness and develop a rich and authentic self-expression.

Wear silver and turquoise earrings during your presentations or during an artistic performance: they will help you deliver the best possible performance!

Choose rose quartz earrings to work on the heart chakra, the center of unconditional love and compassion. If it is emerald, your jewelry will not only allow you to open this energy center, but also attract good fortune and abundance.

Tiger's eye dangling earrings will help you gain self-confidence and nurture a deep sense of inner joy .

Carnelian, for its part, stimulates the flow of creative forces. Opt for an adornment made from this stone to develop your inventiveness and awaken your sexuality .

Garnet is a root chakra crystal. Wear garnet dangling earrings to strengthen your grounding and tone .

Our natural stone earrings

Karma Yoga Shop earrings are elegant and original jewelry that makes you feel good . If they are so beautiful and beneficial, it is because we do everything we can to select the best in terms of crystals.

Thus, our expert gemologist rigorously controls the quality and authenticity of the minerals that pass through his hands. Thus, the color, luster and of course, the essential energy of the gems are optimal.

In addition, each earring is carefully made in our partner workshops based in India. The natural stones are partly worked by hand, then mounted into loops using methods that are respectful of the jewelry. These workshops also follow an ethical approach , both on a human and environmental level.

Finally, we do our best to source our stones from reputable deposits, and using practices that respect people and the planet.

Browse our collection of natural stone earrings to find the jewel that suits you! And don't miss our studs and chips, for a more discreet, but still original look.

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