Natural stone necklaces

Collection: Natural stone necklaces

Place one of our natural stone necklaces and pendants around your neck, and immediately feel the energies of the stones taking care of you.

Not only will such jewelry enhance your style, it will also allow you to benefit from the virtues of crystals at all times, to find serenity, vitality and harmony.

Discover our magnificent natural stone necklaces ...

Natural stone necklace: when lithotherapy combines with elegance

What better way to benefit from the healing energies of Mother Nature than to wear them in jewelry?

With a high-quality natural stone necklace , you adorn yourself with the breathtaking colors of the mineral world, while enveloping yourself in its gentle vibrations. Depending on their vibration, our jewelry heals you, soothes you or inspires you to live a life that suits you.

Our necklaces and pendants, like all our natural stone jewelry , are made from authentic minerals. Each crystal passes under the eye of our expert gemologist, who ensures their quality. Thus, it guarantees you stones and minerals with preserved energetic properties.

In addition, our employees in India work our semi-precious stones with know-how and passion. The latter are cut, polished and mounted on their support so as to highlight all their nuances.

Virtues and meaning of a natural stone necklace

So, for example, moonstone connects you to your femininity and your intuition. An amethyst necklace , for its part, stimulates the crown chakra and promotes calming of the mind.

With an amber or citrine necklace , you fill up with solar energy, regenerating and promoting optimism. For protection and purification, wear a shungite or obsidian pendant. These gems are renowned for their ability to reflect and dissolve negative energies, while promoting tone.

Also a stone of protection, labradorite will also promote healing. This semi-precious stone relieves pain of all kinds, and helps purify the body of its toxins.

Wear a silver and rose quartz pendant to wrap yourself in an energy of love and tenderness. This crystal connected to the heart chakra will support self-love and nourish relationships based on compassion.

Finally, lapis lazuli, a mineral linked to the third eye chakra, will awaken your psychic abilities, while agate, a stone of stability, will help you find your anchor.

So, which real stone necklace or pendant will win your heart?

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