Fumigation and incense

Collection: Fumigation and incense

Call on the powers of fumigation and incense to purify energies , promote serenity in your home, and invite spirituality into your daily life.

The woody scents of our natural incenses will fill your interior with a powerful vibration, ideal for a ritual or a meditation session.

Discover the meaning and powers of incense ...

Burning Incense: Spiritual Meaning of Fumigation

Human beings have been using fumigation for several millennia. In medicinal, esoteric or religious traditions around the world, scented smoke fills sacred spaces. Resulting from the combustion of natural resin or aromatic herbs, it is used to dissipate negative energies , invoke deities and embalm interiors.

Thus, in North America, indigenous populations burn sage in order to ward off evil spirits and to call upon beneficent deities. White sage in particular represents the purity of the Spirit: it is used in purification rituals , where the vibrations of a person or a place are cleansed.

Tibetan monks diffuse sandalwood incense smoke in their ceremonies as an offering to the gods.

In Hinduism, similarly, resin with a woody or flowery scent helps connect humans to the deities : it is burned during a ritual, or during a meditation or prayer session. It promotes the elevation of the spirit and calms the “little monkey” of the mind, which usually jumps from thought to thought like a monkey leaps from branch to branch.

Dragonblood sage not only purifies and perfumes a place, but it also envelops any space with powerful protective energy. Like the fire-breathing winged creature, it fiercely wards off any harmful energy or potential threat.

Palo santo , for its part, was used by Inca shamans to promote good fortune and ward off evil spirits.

You will have understood: lighting a stick or cone of incense means opening a space to the superior and divine energies that surround us... But fumigation also has direct benefits on our well-being!

Incenses and their powers

Beyond its spiritual meaning, natural incense has many powers over the body, the mind, and our personal energies.

Thus, burning sage, for example, has a relaxing action , in addition to cleansing energetic pollution present in the aura. Its smoke acts on the nervous system, which helps relieve stress, anxiety and strong emotions. The gentle swirls of sage also connect us to the Divine , inviting our guides and guardian angels to give us their advice...

These sticks and cones with soothing odors are also used in Ayurveda to pacify the doshas, ​​energetic principles which govern the body and mind, and thus generate harmony. Incense also calms inflammation and promotes respiratory tract health (as long as you remember to ventilate after each use!).

The purifying, harmonizing and anti-stress properties of incense also make it the ally of therapists and practitioners of energy techniques, such as reiki. The smoke makes it possible to act on the energies of the consultant, by ridding him of energy residues present in his subtle bodies.

Our high quality incenses are composed exclusively of natural ingredients . The sticks and cones are made by hand, following traditional manufacturing techniques. In addition, our employees donate part of their profits to charitable actions in India.

You can call on the magical scents of our burning incense and sage not only for their soothing and purifying power, but also for their beauty. For example, choose our backflow incense cones combined with one of our magnificent handmade incense burners. Then, admire the elegant flow of smoke gently descending along its incense holder...

So, invite the beneficial scents of our incense and sage to burn in your home!

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